Bound by Mystery

Bound by Mystery

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, Poisoned Pen Press has commissioned original short stories from thirty-five of its authors, past and present. Some names will be immediately recognizable to mystery ...

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Diane D. DiBiase

Diane DiBiase joined Poisoned Pen Press in 2014. A Connecticut native, she attended Smith College where she studied Latin and ...

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Diane D. DiBiase, Editor

Gold Digger
Reavis Z. Wortham

Gone Phishing
Tim Maleeny

The Bomb Booth
Charlotte Hinger

Be My Friend
Donis Casey

Telling Tales
Ann Parker

A Lure for Murder
Mark de Castrique

J.M. Donellan

Nantucket Plunder
Steven Axelrod

Sunday Drive
James Sallis

The Paternoster Pea
Priscilla Royal

The Olive Growers
Jeffrey Siger

Her Mama’s Pearls
Vicki Delany

Chaos Points
Meg Dobson

Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits…
Frederick Ramsay

Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

La Corazonada
Warren C. Easley

Time’s Revenge
Mary Reed and Eric Mayer

Taking the Waters
Kerry Greenwood

The Reading by the Polish Author
Vasudev Murthy

Wild by Name, Wild by Nature
Jane Finnis

The Customer
Laurie R. King

Catherine A. Winn

The Price of Belief
Dennis Palumbo

The Stranding
Sulari Gentill

Mabel, Still Gathering Wisdom
Carolyn Wall

Game, Set, Match
Zoe Burke

Hort-head Homicide
Anne Littlewood

The Cry of the Loon
Janet Hubbard

Judge Jillian
David Moss

Clear Knights
J.C. Lane

David P. Wagner

Sage Advice
Kelly Garrett

Girls with Tools
Triss Stein

A Fox in the Hand
Tina Whittle

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Bound by Mystery

“This wide-ranging anthology boasts 34 entertaining new stories from novelists published by Poisoned Pen, the pioneer small press devoted to mysteries. The locations of the tales, a few of which are not mysteries, are as varied as the provenance of their authors, and include Canada, Australia, Italy, and England. The periods vary, too, from Ancient Roman times and the Byzantine era to the Great Depression and the contemporary. A preface from each contributor describes how he or she came to be associated with Poisoned Pen. These serve as the volume’s unifying thread, offering readers a peek behind the curtain at the trials and tribulations of fledgling writers. Some of these brief intros are outright love letters to the editors who helped shape the authors’ ideas. Cheers to Poisoned Pen on its 20th anniversary!”

Publishers Weekly