Boxing the Octopus: A Cape Weathers Mystery #4

Boxing the Octopus: A Cape Weathers Mystery #4

If you're gonna box an octopus, best bring some extra arms At the height of tourist season, an armored car drives off a crowded pier and sinks to the bottom ...

About The Author

Tim Maleeny

Tim Maleeny is a San Francisco-based writer whose short stories appear in DEATH DO US PART, an anthology from Mystery Writers of America edited by Harlan Coben, and also Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.

Reviews of

Boxing the Octopus: A Cape Weathers Mystery #4

“BOXING THE OCTOPUS is a great mystery novel, but it is also terrific literature. One cannot read it without appreciating how sharp a writer Maleeny is…”


“Maleeny provides some fast-paced, cheeky fun, along with a splash of social consciousness.”

Publishers Weekly

“Maleeny moves his colorful cast around with giddy panache. His detective’s fourth caper is a Hiaasen-esque delight.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Serious mysteries written with a light touch, the Cape Weathers novels have a Carl Hiaasen feel to them, despite being set on the other side of the country from Hiaasen’s Florida.”


“Maleeny’s fourth novel to feature his laconic and reluctant private eye, Boxing the Octopus reads like a surreal blend of Raymond Chandler and Carl Hiaasen as the story wends its delightfully bonkers way through San Francisco’s colorful underworld, embracing biological warfare, Sir Francis Drake, filthy Russian lucre and octopus DNA as it goes. If comic crime fiction is your thing, Maleeny delivers in spades.”

The Irish Times