Death Has Deep Roots: A Second World War Mystery

Death Has Deep Roots: A Second World War Mystery

Mystery crime fiction written in the Golden Age of Murder An eager London crowd awaits the trial of Victoria Lamartine, hotel worker, ex-French Resistance fighter, and the only logical suspect ...

About The Author

Michael Gilbert

Michael Gilbert (1912-2006) was a founding member of the Crime Writers' Association. He wrote thrillers, police procedurals and espionage novels that rank among the highest and most varied achievements of British crime writing in the second half of the twentieth ...

Reviews of

Death Has Deep Roots: A Second World War Mystery

“Gilbert (1912–2006) does a masterly job of blending whodunit, courtroom drama, and thriller…Readers who like their detection balanced by action will be more than satisfied.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Gilbert at his best, displaying both impressive psychological acuity and innovative plotting, combining courtroom drama with amateur sleuthing.”


“Michael Gilbert’s Death Has Deep Roots has more hats than heads to wear them. It’s a courtroom drama with the accused as the least part of the story. It’s a locked room mystery with an entire hotel featuring in the murder instead of a single room. It’s a PI novel without the PI. It’s an historical novel set in the aftermath of a war that is five years ended by the time we’re reading about it sixty years later.”

Dana Stabenow, New York Times bestselling author