Gold Dust: A Red River Mystery #7

Gold Dust: A Red River Mystery #7

As the 1960s draw to a close, the rural northeast Texas community of Center Springs is visited by two nondescript government men in dark suits and shades. They say their ...

About The Author

Reavis Z Wortham

Reavis Z. Wortham is the critically acclaimed author of the Red River Mysteries set in rural Northeast Texas in the 1960s. As a boy, he hunted and fished the river bottoms near Chicota, the inspiration for the fictional location. He ...

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    St. Louis County Library, St. Louis, Missouri | October 10, 2016

Reviews of

Gold Dust: A Red River Mystery #7

“Readers nostalgic for this period—songs by the Monkees and Tommy James and the Shondells blast from transistor radios—will find plenty to like.”

Publishers Weekly

“…the unlikely game of polecat-and-mouse that unfolds in a series of developments as preposterous as they are richly enjoyable. The result reads like a stranger-than-strange collaboration between Lee Child, handling the assault on the CIA with baleful directness, and Steven F. Havill, genially reporting on the regulars back home.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Reading the seventh Red River Mystery is like coming home after a vacation: we’re reuniting with old friends, returning to a comfortable place. Wortham’s writing style is easygoing, relying on natural-sounding dialogue and vivid descriptions to give us the feeling that this story could well have taken place. Another fine entry in a mystery series that deserves more attention.”