The Otter of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery #5

The Otter of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery #5

While taking the yearly "otter count" at a marsh near Gunn Landing Harbor, California, zookeeper Theodora Bentley sees Maureen, her favorite otter, swimming around clutching someone's expensive smartphone. When Teddy ...

About The Author

Betty Webb

As a journalist, Betty Webb interviewed U.S. presidents, astronauts, and Nobel Prize winners, as well as the homeless, dying, and polygamy runaways. The dark Lena Jones mysteries are based on stories she covered as a reporter. Betty's humorous Gunn Zoo ...

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The Otter of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery #5

“…the best part here is watching Bentley’s investigative juices start to flow (Webb’s background as a reporter really comes to the fore here). Bentley (and Webb) just can’t help finding out things and telling us about them, like the sugar-daddy phenomenon that has attractive young women offering themselves to rich men to meet soaring tuition costs. There’s a website for it. Or the significance of increased sea-otter deaths from toxoplasma gondii. This one will satisfy multiple audiences.”


“While examining some timely social issues, Webb also delivers lots of edifying information on the animal kingdom in an entry sure to please fans and newcomers alike.”

Publishers Weekly

“Although Webb’s fifth series outing takes a light, amusing tone, the engaging conversational style belies the serious issues at play (sexual assault, the environment, endangered species)…Series fans and readers who enjoy Ann Littlewood’s zoo-themed mysteries will appreciate this intricate, character-driven work.”

Library Journal