The Chairman’s Toys

The Chairman’s Toys

Vancouver, British Columbia—land of psychotically expensive real estate, high-grade cannabis, and Jake Constable. A man adrift. After Jake quits the drug business, his realtor/ex-wife, Nina, gets him a job as ...

About The Author

Graham Reed

Graham Reed is an award-winning author of crime fiction. He lives on a small island in the Salish Sea with his wife and two children.

Reviews of

The Chairman’s Toys

“Set in Vancouver, B.C., Canadian author Reed’s quirky first novel introduces Jake Constable, whom his ex-wife, Nina, describes as ‘a semi-employed, semi-reformed drug dealer coming up fast on his forties.’…Jake, whose philosophy is ‘life is often less about making good decisions than figuring out how to live with bad ones,’ takes the reader on a fast, furious, and often hilarious tour. Watching him zigzag through the twisting plot is pure pleasure.”

Publishers Weekly

“Reed’s lively mystery debut…too much of a good thing is still a good thing.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Constable is a likable loser, tight with his friends and still flirting with his ex-wife, and he definitely belongs on your short list of amiable stoner sleuths, along with Bart Schneider’s Augie Boyer and Hal Ackerman’s Harry Stein. The dark-comedy aspect of this debut will also appeal to fans of Chris Knopf, David Freed, and Tim Cockey.”