The Panda of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery #6

The Panda of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery #6

California zookeeper Theodora Bentley is now happily married to Sheriff Joe Rejas. The Gunn Zoo is celebrating the arrival of Poonya, an adorable red panda, who forms a strong bond ...

About The Author

Betty Webb

As a journalist, Betty Webb interviewed U.S. presidents, astronauts, and Nobel Prize winners, as well as the homeless, dying, and polygamy runaways. The dark Lena Jones mysteries are based on stories she covered as a reporter. Betty's humorous Gunn Zoo ...

Reviews of

The Panda of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery #6

“A fine cast of characters (both animal and human), a fair-play plot, and just enough personal drama in Teddy’s life spice up this cozy.”

Publishers Weekly

“There is one shock after another in Webb’s sixth Gunn Zoo mystery, featuring zookeeper Theodora ‘Teddy’ Bentley”


“I became so fascinated by this righteous heroine and caught up in the tangle of improbable events that I whisked through the pages with a smile.”