Tide and Punishment: A Seaside Café Mystery #3

Tide and Punishment: A Seaside Café Mystery #3

No one dreams of a killer Christmas… It’s Christmastime in Charm, North Carolina, and while Everly Swan would prefer to focus on decorating her iced tea shop for its first ...

About The Author

Bree Baker

Bree Baker is a Midwestern writer obsessed with small-town hijinks, sweet tea, and the sea. She's been telling stories to her friends, family, and strangers for as long as she can remember, and more often than not, those stories feature ...

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Tide and Punishment: A Seaside Café Mystery #3

“This is a food- and tea-filled story, but Baker never loses sight of moving the mystery plot forward and providing ample opportunities for fans to catch up with the engaging series cast.”


“I’ve said before that I want to live in Charm, and that’s still the case…I love the cookie baking, delivery service, gnome ‘issues,’ tea drinking, Christmas celebrating, and mystery solving in Tide and Punishment.”

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