Wild Justice: A Medieval Mystery #14

Wild Justice: A Medieval Mystery #14

It is Spring 1282. England is at war again with Wales. As Baron Hugh of Wynethorpe, a veteran of fighting in Outremer, prepares to join his King's army, he begs ...

About The Author

Priscilla Royal

Priscilla Royal grew up in British Columbia and earned a B.A. in World Literature at San Francisco State University, where she discovered the beauty of medieval literature. She is a theater fan as well as a reader of history, mystery, ...

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Wild Justice: A Medieval Mystery #14

“Royal meticulously depicts life at Mynchen Buckland, which was a part of the Hospitaller order, its pious mission intertwined with the military efforts of the Crusader knights. She also pays close attention to all three of the visitors-turned-sleuths. Instead of functioning as main-character sidekicks or listening posts, Brother Thomas and Sister Anne use their respective gifts to astutely unravel crucial strands to the mystery, helping to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion. Royal shows once again why she stands in the front rank of medieval mystery authors.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“…a good read for fans of medieval history and anyone interested in problems surprisingly relevant to modern life.”

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